I Trust You Completely

Mom and Dad both snored for most of the night, and I’m convinced they would both sleep better if they would just commit to their CPAPs. I tossed and turned a bit myself, and had trouble staying asleep after going to bed so early. I finally got out of bed around 6:30 and had to re-apply for my loan because it had been too long since I actually ordered the car. The application went through fine though, and then to my surprise, it looked as though I could have paid directly from my savings account. My Arvest account actually had both transfers, so I actually had twice what I needed. I’ll have to get cash to pay Summer back now.

I took a shower, and then everyone got up and around for breakfast. The biscuits were surprisingly good, and I didn’t eat so much that I felt sick the rest of the day. Summer took a shower when she got back to the room, and then we loaded everything back up for checkout. Our first stop was an Oriental market, but Mom wasn’t super impressed. For some reason she expected it to be all Vietnamese products.

When we finished there, we headed to the Tesla dealership early. It rained the entire day without letting up, so we just did our best to work around it. Nobody seemed particularly interested in talking to us, so as soon as the app would let me, I accepted the delivery. Summer and I drove around the parking lot before I came back in to talk to someone. The guys in the service bay didn’t seem to be doing anything, but the guy I asked about panel gaps said they were booked solid and that I would have to schedule a service appointment in the app. He suggested it could all be done with mobile service, but that wasn’t an option in the app, and he disappeared before I could go back and ask him. I was actually able to fix the gap I was most concerned about, so I just signed one piece of paper, and we were off.

Mom got a little fussy and didn’t want to do anything else, so I told them to go on home if they didn’t want to do anything else. We drove down to a gas station on the corner to move things over to my car, and then they left for home. Summer was a bit hungry and picked a Chinese buffet in Nevada where we could charge after, and we were off.

The buffet was pretty small compared to what we have at home, but the food was really good. Ironically, the place was called Chinese Chef, but the old lady at the counter was Vietnamese. We talked a little bit while I waited for Summer to finish cleaning up, and then we went a little ways down the road for my first Supercharger experience at a Casey’s. The process was super simple, and I poked at options in the car while we waited.

The drive wasn’t too bad, but it took me a while to get used to any of the autopilot features. It really took me about half the entire trip to be really comfortable with how it operated, and by then it felt really natural. We stopped in both Lowell and Ozark because the rain was absolutely killing my efficiency. The first charge was actually the slowest because we stopped so early with a battery that was already mostly full. The second two charges went much faster, though I did have to switch stalls in Lowell when the first one errored out. The stop in Ozark was really just so that we would make it back home with plenty left in the pack.

We stopped at my parents’ house to get Summer’s car, then went to my house to unpack. I got my mobile charger hooked up directly to the wall because I couldn’t get the UPS to stop fussing. Then we went up to her place for the evening. Eaddie was the only one that came out to greet us, so we talked to her for just a moment before bed.

Driving by myself is super stressful when the car gets to take over for all the easy parts!

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