It Accels at That

Tres didn’t quite make it to my charge limit overnight, but had plenty for the day. When I got to the office, the parking lot was mostly empty. I could tell that Kelsea and Kyle were there, and I eventually found Travis in the shop, but otherwise it was a ghost town. Tammy walked in several minutes late and immediately came back to ask me if I bought a new car, and then insisted that I was fooling her.

Zach eventually showed up with Greg, apparently after picking him up at the Toyota dealership. They didn’t say much, but I eventually convinced Zach to go to London with me to investigate a gym sound system. We went to Dwight on the way back into town, and then got to the shop just in time for lunch.

Zach took Greg and me to Taco John’s, where we saw Allen waiting in the parking lot. We spotted Wesley inside, who was finishing up his own lunch, but came to visit with us while we ate. It was a pretty quick lunch, but nobody was in a big rush to get back. We dropped Greg back off at the dealership first, and then I ended up going to the high school with Kelsea to reset a door controller. She just wanted to ride in the car, but we ended up walking around the high school a bit to chat with folks.

Kyle came back to the shop at the end of the day and just sat on my couch to talk about how little he had to do for the day. It appeared to me that he only had nothing to do because I was still closing out his old work orders from the beginning of October.

When quitting time came around, I went to my parents’ house to see if Dad wanted to go for a drive. He took us around Skyline and back home, getting to experience full Sport Mode acceleration. Mom got home from work just as we pulled back into the driveway, and decided to try it out herself. She didn’t drive nearly as far, but somehow we convinced her to floor it briefly as well. I think they were impressed, and I know that I was.

Summer asked me to pick up Eaddie after her robotics practice, and she seemed pretty immediately moody. We had to meet her grandparents at Walmart because she forgot her flute and other accessories in her car when they took her to the orthodontist. After that, we took the car home to charge, I changed, and we headed up to their house for the evening.

The girls were in their rooms all evening. Summer showed up after the gym, and we picked at leftovers. Then I tried to get to bed before it got too late.

I just want the music to work reliably!

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