The Good Witch

Tammy decided she would take a ride to get donuts this morning, and she continued to be the person in the office that is the most excited about my car. The rest of the day was super quiet. I went to Oakland for a bit to try and figure out how to make Incident IQ better. I showed Mollie some tricks in the system, and she said she would try to come up with some suggestions.

Back at the shop, I gave Melissa a ride around the block. Then lunch time came around, and Zach and I were the only two around to go. We ended up at Morellos, and a bus drove by with about three kids hanging out the back windows, screaming about the Tesla. I think the red was a good choice.

The afternoon dragged on, even after Melinda showed up in a red cape with a giant basket full of candy. She sat in the back and talked with Zach and me for a while, and then finally took her pumpkin and Jesus mugs with her. On the way out, Tammy brought up my new toy again, so I had to take Melinda around the block as well.

When quitting time finally arrived, everyone was ready to get out of there. I went home and immediately started some laundry. While that was going, I tinkered with the car some more to try and figure out Wi-Fi. Some of the features just aren’t very intuitive, but they’re easy to remember once you realize how to access them.

Once laundry was done, I headed up to Summer’s for the evening. I had to argue with Eaddie for a moment about some math homework, but in the end I was right as usual. Then it was quickly off to bed.

Why waste lucrative drugs on candy? That just doesn’t make sense.

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