All Weather Days

I guess it was cold enough this morning that regenerative braking wasn’t working like I expected. I may have also gotten an update that made the car use real brakes to simulate it. In either case, stopping was a little jarring first thing in the morning.

Otherwise it was another day of almost no motivation. Gary was back, but he and Zach disappeared as soon as I got there. It wasn’t long before Tammy ran around the shop asking where they went, and it seemed like just about everyone was sick of her being in their business. I know she meant well, but like them, I don’t understand why she thinks any of it matters. I guess she’s just bored.

I took Gary and Zach to Slim Chickens for lunch and was disappointed in my sandwich size and portion of chips. At least the lemonade was good, and I got a free shake for doing their survey and voicing the same complaints as always. Then I took Greg with me to Dwight to look at their sound system again.

My all-weather floor mats arrived in the afternoon, so I went home right after work and vacuumed my floors before installing them. I prefer the look of the clean carpet, but the rubber mats will keep rainwater and such out of the fabric. About the time I finished with that, I had to get Eaddie from robotics because Autumn had gotten permission to go to the game to allegedly help with concessions.

Summer arrived home shortly after we did and made a quick bagged stir fry meal. I was still hungry and kept snacking on other things. Eaddie got her homework done, and Autumn made it home late, after the game. I did well not to stay up too late myself. Fortunately we’ve found another weekend right around the corner, but I think I’m about ready for Thanksgiving.

Why, oh why didn’t I buy back in at .05?

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