Poison Gas. Invisible.

We had a pretty long meeting this morning, and I got to go over SCCM and Active Directory with Travis. After that, Gary had me set up a couple little switches for use in the bus yard, but we waited until after lunch to actually deploy them. He had a short meeting right at lunch time, so we waited for him to finish around noon. Then Zach and Greg drove separately to Freddy’s so they could get some stuff from Walmart afterward.

When Gary and I got back to the shop, we loaded everything up and went out to the bus shop to deploy a new distribution switch. We ran into a little bit of trouble there, so Gary had to jump back in to fix the configuration before we could go out to the smaller switches at the towers. Zach dropped Greg off a little while later so we could troubleshoot the fiber run. Greg re-terminated a couple lines until we got what we thought would be a passable signal.

That just about got us to quitting time. I spent a little time up front with the ladies before leaving for the weekend. Instead of going home, I decided to swing by AT&T to show off my car to Kevin. I let him drive us around the block, and he was absolutely blown away with a grin from ear to ear. Then I went inside to chat with him, Hope, and Nicole for a while until Summer got back into town.

Summer drove past me as I was leaving, and we met at my house to park Tres. She wanted steak, so we went to Western Sizzlin for the weekend steak and shrimp on the bar. I thought I did pretty well of not overstuffing myself, but then I had one plate too many. We went to her house and watched Blast from the Past until the girls got home from a play. Then it was off to bed early.

That’s a pretty wide range of reactions.

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