I made it to work a few minutes early today, and briefly got to meet our newest team member, Jeff. He and Jacob hung out there for a bit in the morning as Jacob did a little bit of introductory training. It was neat to see someone trying to provide a little bit of structure to the team. I ended up going to Dwight for a little bit before lunch, and everyone seemed very excited to see me.

Thomas took the usual four of us to Taco Tuesday, where they were still out of lettuce due to “supply chain issues.” Shredding is hard, I suppose. I guess the lettuce also brings the temperature of the tacos way down too, because for the first time ever, I got scalding hot tacos. After lunch, Gary helped me run a single network line at Support Services. That took a solid couple of hours, and we ran into some trouble with his end of the termination. It was nice to get that out of my queue though.

The rest of the afternoon was relatively quiet after working up that sweat. Summer called after school let out to tell me that Eaddie had lost her phone. We saw it leave the high school, but then it was powered off just at the intersection of 19th Street. I went to the high school when I left work, to get her from robotics. I talked to Ethan for a bit while I was there, and he talked me into volunteering for a tournament next weekend. Then we went outside to chat about my car. He said they had been going through new cars every few months just because they were selling them for more than they were paying to order new ones.

From there, we went to my house so I could change, and then I took Eaddie home to practice her flute. I had a little bit of chicken and dumplings, but there wasn’t really enough to go around. Summer came home after her workout, and she, Eaddie, and I went to La Huerta. I thought I’d eat super light, but left super stuffed somehow. I even traded Eaddie for a much smaller taco.

Eaddie kept playing her flute when we got home. Autumn went to karate, but was home by the time we got back. Everyone was pretty tired, so it was quickly off to bed.

This is the opposite of good customer service.

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