It was a frosty morning, and it never got much warmer during the day. I forgot my keys at home, so I had to borrow Greg’s to get into my office. Gary had some engineering tasks for me that kept me busy for most of the day. Otherwise it was pretty quiet in the back of the shop. Kyle came through a couple times and stood awkwardly close to me, but that was about it. Greg was out doing something else most of the day.

When lunch time came around, Zach was the only one going. I took us to Morelos, where we sat in a booth next to Cameron, who had walked across the street from Superfast. We had a pretty quick lunch, and then ran by my house to get my keys before going back to work.

I ran to Dwight to take care of a couple things so Melissa could mop my office. On the way back, I finally remembered to return my jack pads to The UPS Store since they were too small to stay in the jack points of the Model 3. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon reading Microsoft’s documentation to figure out what I had to do to decommission our old SCCM server.

Autumn called to ask if I would get Eaddie after band, so I picked her up in what turned into some slightly hard rain. It wasn’t quite sleet or snow, but it definitely had an occasional slush to it. We swapped cars and then headed home where Summer was making a surprise dinner for us. She cooked up some sausage and vegetables which she used to stuff some yellow squash boats, and then covered them in mozzarella and baked them for a little bit. It turned out really great, but was a little heavier than she thought it was going to be.

Eaddie practiced her flute to some music she played on the TV for Summer, and then it was an early night to bed for everyone.


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