Flat Out

It was nice to sleep in today after a late night. We all got up and finished the chili for brunch, and Summer went to the gym while I showered. When she got back, we went to my parents’ house to borrow some air tanks and an emergency tire inflator for the Montego. Unfortunately it wouldn’t hold any air, so Summer dug out the spare and we took it to my house to fill it up and get some tools.

The floor jack was too thick to fit under the frame, so we had to use the emergency jack. It had pretty smooth action though, so it wasn’t too painful. The impact sped things up a whole lot, and we got the spare on and took everything back to their house.

Noah came over later in the evening, so Summer ordered Domino’s and had Autumn pick it up. We all played a long game of Mario Party, and then Noah and Eaddie stayed up late watching Smile until bedtime.

A murder, most foul!

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