Cold House, Cold Drinks

Summer took the flat tire to Hindsman’s this morning, and then dropped the Mercury off for me before heading to work. Autumn got up and left for MEPS, but came back after a trip to McDonald’s, saying she wasn’t informed the dress code disallowed sweatpants. Fortunately she wasn’t left behind, and could come home to change before going back. Noah left as well, but said he would be back the next day. Eaddie didn’t want to get out of bed all day, so after some leftover chicken tacos, I headed home.

I planned to take the air tanks and accessories back to my parents’ house, but we ended up deciding to have a fire at my house in the evening. Summer left work really early for her, and I cleaned up a bit and got a fire started before taking a shower and going back up to their house for leftovers. Evidently a couple fairly large branches fell, and at least one of them ripped a big hole in the cover I had over the chairs. I wouldn’t mind having the tree about 10 feet further away from the house.

I stopped by Walmart to get some chips and cheese, and we made nachos out of the leftover chicken. We headed back to my house as soon as we finished eating, and I had to get some more wood started over the hot coals. Everything was so dry outside that it all burned relatively quickly. Eaddie wanted to have a friend over, but couldn’t find a single soul that could make it. I was glad that she came out to spend time with us though, instead of hiding in her room all night. We had a good talk, and it was a good time for all of us. I think the chocolate-stuffed marshmallows helped.

Inventory time.

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