Phone Games

I had plenty of time to get up and around this morning before prying Eaddie out of bed so I could take her home. She said she had a bunch of school work to do, but wasn’t really in a rush to do any of it after verbally stressing about it last night. When I did finally get her home, she spent all day in her room while I just sat around the house.

Autumn arrived shortly after we did, and said she passed whatever screening they did for her to join the military. After that, I guess she went to her room and fell asleep. Eventually Summer called to say she was on her way home, so I took Tres home to charge before meeting her at Walmart.

Mom and Dad pulled up next door as I was leaving, so I handed off some stuff to him before leaving. Then I braved the last-minute Thanksgiving crowd at Walmart to find Summer. The traffic along the way, and the bustling crowd of people just reminded me how much I hate holidays, because they give us an excuse not to have family gatherings more often throughout the year. I’d much rather split this stuff up randomly than save it all for one time of year, with concentrated stupidness all around.

Autumn helped us unload when we got home, and Summer made brownies while the girls ate some leftover pizza. I continued to pick at a bit of stuff, but was still mostly useless. All I had done all day was complete upkeep tasks in Puzzle Tales, ExoMiner, and Phase 10. I only recently started playing games on my phone again, and it’s already eating away at my life. I’ll have to re-prioritize quality over quantity entertainment.

Idle me this, idle me that.

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