I tried not to feel too bad about leaving Tres outside overnight, since it wasn’t particularly gross or rainy out. It was nice being able to warm things up before I actually got outside, too. Not to mention autopilot taking me home while I was still drowsy.

It was a pretty quiet day back to work. Gary, Greg, and Zach were mostly preoccupied replacing something in the server room, so I was left to myself. I didn’t have much to catch up on, but still had several old, stale work orders that I couldn’t really update with anything. I wasn’t upset about easing back into work over a cup of oatmeal though.

When lunch time came around, Zach suggested Quiznos, so I took him and Gary. I had them add some fresh jalapeƱos to my burnt ends sandwich, and it was awesome. I didn’t expect that much heat. I paired that with a cup of broccoli cheddar soup and skipped the chips and drink, but of course it was still like 12 bucks.

I went to Dwight in the afternoon for a bit, but that ended up being a non-issue. Then I ran home to quickly grab a package from the front door before going back to the office. I had to take care of something upstairs in the SDC room, and one of the kids said my hair looked like Jesus.

The rest of the afternoon was super quiet until quitting time. I ran by Ridgewood to try and grab a picture of the smoke stack going, but they had it off again by the time I got there. Robert seemed all-business, so I didn’t stick around to see anyone else, though I did try to volunteer. Instead, I headed on home to clean out my garage so I could park inside again. Then I put the refrigerator shelves and drawers back together. Somehow we got a small scratch near the top of the left side. Nothing even touched it up there, so I have no idea what happened.

Summer went to the gym when she got back into town, and then I met her at Walmart to pick up stuff for banana pudding. Then we went on home, where Eaddie instantly crashed from exhaustion, and Autumn closed herself off in her room. Summer made pudding, and I did my best to stay warm from my unusual chill.

You’ve gotta spatulate that stuff better.

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