I didn’t have as much trouble getting up this morning as I thought I would after going to bed so late. The bright sunlight probably had a lot to do with that. The girls all left for the day, so I eventually got up to some leftovers for brunch before heading home. There, I picked up a bit and made a path for my refrigerator later in the evening.

The refrigerator would be delivered to Ben’s house, where Sarah would be with the kids. He offered to let me borrow his truck to get it home, so I just went that route instead of having to deal with a trailer from U-Haul. The delivery timeframe was late enough that I knew I wouldn’t be able to get to Cabot for any meaningful time with Summer, so I just killed some time at home, and then went by Ridgewood.

Grant was there unloading a trailer full of wood. Robert eventually showed up, and then his father stopped by with a whetstone for the boys. We chatted for a bit, and I took him for a ride around town in the Model 3, which he enjoyed. I was glad I got to see him after such a long while.

My last stop before leaving town was McDonald’s for a new Smokey Quarter Pounder BLT with Cheese, which was actually quite delicious. The couple at the table next to me marveled at how good their food was too, but I was pretty sure it was just because someone from upper management was there.

I beat Ben home by just a few minutes, and Sarah came out to chat when she heard me pull up. The kids came out, and Ben and I got straight to loading the refrigerator into his truck. We absolutely could not lift it off of the ground and into the bed, so we ended up just laying it on its front side for the ride.

After we loaded up, I let Ben drive my car and we gave the two youngest a ride around town. Then I took Sarah and Eli for a quick jaunt before coming back to deliver the refrigerator at my house. Dad arrived with perfect timing, and we tore right into it. It would barely fit even without the packaging still on it, and we even had to take my front door off its hinges to get the fridge in. David walked over from next door and offered a dolly, but I didn’t think it would be quite as good as using the straps and harness.

I didn’t get a chance to inspect for any scuffing from bringing it inside, but I’m really hopeful that it turned out fine. At least we removed everything sharp from the doorframe. I had to leave the garage in a mess and get back to Ben as quickly as possible, so I took off as soon as we got the fridge into the house. The whole process took nearly an hour.

I topped off the gas tank and picked up a couple blueberry muffin KIT KATs that I saw in the gas station. Then Ben and I chatted for a surprisingly long time once I got there. When I made my way home for the evening, I decided to go straight to Summer’s to stay with the girls. I knew I didn’t want to stay up late cleaning out the garage again, though I still stayed up late trying to help Eaddie with homework. Autumn was in our bed, so I had to kick her out. Otherwise I made it to bed as close to midnight as I could.

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