High Functioning

I had a CPPC meeting this morning, so I drove across the parking lot in case it started raining. I never actually saw any precipitation all day though. It was a pretty good meeting, and I got a peek at some turnover rates, which I’ve been asking to see for months. It seemed like it just took me putting it on our written agenda to get the ball rolling after nearly a year.

It was Jeff’s birthday, so he picked Arby’s for lunch. I was a bit surprised by that pick, and though I like Arby’s a lot, today’s experience wasn’t great. Service was slow, because apparently somebody didn’t show up for work. On top of that, I received a bag with Beef ‘n Cheddar ingredients seemingly “tossed” in. I ended up having to get a fork and knife to make my way through it, and it simply wasn’t enjoyable at all.

I spent some time at Dwight in the afternoon, and got up on a ladder in the saferoom to install an Airtame. It was a really quiet day otherwise. Zach and Greg were both out, so there was absolutely nothing going on in the shop all day. When quitting time came around, I finally got around to requesting a half day off for Summer’s company Christmas party tomorrow.

I headed home, swapped vehicles, and headed right up to Summer’s for the evening. She had some kind of turkey lasagna going, which was super tasty. We ate when Autumn got back from karate, and then the girls all did their own thing the rest of the evening until bedtime. I spent some quiet time to myself, and ended up getting to bed a little later than what I wanted, but not too late.

She can’nae take any more, Captain!

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