I couldn’t get into anything today. It was all I could do to finish my one work order for decommissioning the old SCCM server. Everyone else was out doing things, like building a rack in the server room. The shop was so quiet and boring. Nobody even came back for lunch, so I missed Taco Tuesday and just stayed in the shop all day.

I forgot Summer was going to make dinner, and I probably would have been happier just going to my parents’ house for roasted turkey anyway. Eaddie decided to go to the middle school band’s Christmas concert at the last minute, and Summer didn’t make it home to start dinner until really late.

To make things worse, Summer got the concert time wrong, so I didn’t make it up to their house to eat until eight. When I walked in, she immediately started acting frustrated. Autumn called and said her car wouldn’t start, but fortunately she was just at the Dollar General. Summer got her while I ate some of the food. It tasted fine, but a ground turkey lettuce wrap just wasn’t at all appealing after missing lunch.

Autumn picked up Eaddie after the concert, and they both came out to eat at the table, which was nice. There was just so much talking without much substance though, and it just irritated me all night until bed.

Bad start, bad finish.

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