Hit the Gymnasium

I rolled into work a hair early this morning, and everyone was already outside with trucks loaded and ready to go to the middle school. We wasted no time getting started with running like seven new lines all around the gym. I was vaguely over a crew with Jacob, Jeff, and Kyle. We had to get four lines from outside the coaches offices to the switch closet. Greg mostly drove a lift around to run two access points up the opposite wall. We had all hands on deck, so several of us bounced around a lot.

Thomas cut everyone loose as soon as we were done, but I was stuck on a ladder trying to finish up one last wireless access point. We ultimately gave up, and I headed to the carwash to check on Summer. She and I thought we would get lunch, but passed Autumn and Eaddie as they were pulling into the wash. We turned around to give them a tour, and then decided to join them for lunch at CiCi’s.

After we ate, the girls left and Summer and I went to Lowe’s to pick up a bathroom cabinet for the wash. I started putting it together when we got back, but we were actually missing a part out of it all. Jordan and I went back to Lowe’s to try and get the part, but ended up buying a whole new cabinet just to scavenge the part from the box. Then after I finished putting the first one together, I returned the other to Lowe’s.

On my way out, I spotted Zach leaving and ran up from behind to tackle him. I was pretty impressed with my jog until I got back into my car wheezing. I went home to clean up for a bit, and then went to visit with Mom. She didn’t have any trash to take out, so I just hung out on the couch with her until my phone and I were both too tired to carry on.

I stopped by Ridgewood on the way home just to check on the guys. Grant was needing some alone time in the smokehouse, so I chatted with Robert out back and tried to be helpful as he stacked some wood. Those guys are working themselves absolutely ragged, and I wish I could do something to help every time I see them. I didn’t stick around long since it was so late, so I went home to change and headed up to Summer’s for the evening.

Everything hurts, and I’m too old for this.

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