Lickety Split

I woke up early this morning to meet some of the guys at Taylor’s Grocery down the road. I expected Josh and Aaron, but Aaron was running late. Josh showed up first, but nobody could get a hold of Aaron. Then Clint, Landon, and Johnny showed up, which was a surprise to me. Clint ended up buying everyone breakfast, which seemed to be fairly reasonably priced. I wanted to try a little of everything, and it all tasted exactly like what I would make at home.

Josh left after a while, but then Aaron showed up super late and had breakfast while the rest of us sat around and talked. We were there for just over a couple hours, and then everyone went about their day. I went home to shower, and then came right back up to Summer’s.

Eaddie had Gavin over, and Autumn was getting ready to take them to the movies. Summer decided she wanted to go out for an early dinner, so we stuck around the house for a little bit and then headed to Pasta Grill just before they opened.

There was a crowd of people waiting to get in the locked doors, and by the time we got inside, they said it would be a 20 minute wait without a reservation. We decided to take off, and I took us to La Villa instead. I don’t care for the food as much, but at least they’re not usually as stingy with their inferior bread. I had been suffering some indigestion for a few days, and dreaded eating Italian, but it wasn’t awful.

After we ate, we stopped by the pet store to try and get some face time with Adam’s father and grandmother. He recognized us right away and came over to chat, but she didn’t realize how we were all connected. We talked for a little bit, made a quick walk through the store, and then headed on home, stopping for some ice cream along the way.

I put on The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special for us, and then Summer headed to bed to watch more TV. The girls got back home a little after that, and then Eaddie and I watched a little more than one episode of The Umbrella Academy before she got too tired to stay up. Autumn went to Adam’s for the evening, so I waited up to make sure she made it home on time, and then it was off to bed.

Make it better.

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