23 and Me

Mayra called me at one in the morning and wanted to talk about me with her new husband. I was pretty hazy from having just fallen asleep, but it was still a nice surprise for her to reach out. I tried to talk to them quietly from the kitchen since I didn’t really know where else to wander in the house, and then finally made it back to sleep.

The girls were supposed to go help their grandparents with some yard work, and Summer wanted me to meet her over there to try and get their old car running again after rotting in their driveway for several years. We stopped for gas first, then went to my house to get my battery charger. Then she went to hook that up and go to the gym while I cleaned up at home.

When I finally met them, I discovered that my smart battery charger wasn’t doing anything at all. I had a hunch the battery was too dead to register a charge at all, so I went home to get my dumb charger. We got it hooked back up, and then I took Jerry for a ride in the Tesla. He was super excited about it, and it was neat to get to connect with him even if it was just for a couple minutes to ride around the block.

By the time we finished there, the girls were hungry and crying for New China. That place had been on my mind for several days, so I ran home to swap vehicles and then met them there. After we ate, we went back to their house where Eaddie and I watched another couple episodes of The Umbrella Academy. I had to give up before midnight though, to try and get my sleep schedule back in order.

Me Undies

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