I had to go to the junior high again today for some more pre-practice testing. On the way, I stopped by Dwight to make sure their visitor got his technology hooked up like he needed. Things at the junior high started relatively slowly, but quickly blew up. We fixed several classrooms worth of students by educating teachers on what to do for certain situations, but then Matt made an all-call over the intercom to have remaining teachers send their troubled students to the library. He estimated there were about 30 kids, but pretty quickly, over 50 descended upon us.

Jacob started texting everyone for help, and Jeff showed up to quickly help us weed everyone out. Zach and Gary showed up just in time to witness us cleaning up the last of it. Evidently I forgot to change a second Group Policy that would have made things go a bit easier, but there were still several with unexplained issues, from being dropped off the domain, to not being able to connect to the network, to just not having the app deployed, in spite of a reported 95% success rate.

I went back to the shop after we finished there, and a bunch of us went to Taco John’s, where Allen was waiting on us. Then I finally got Thomas to drive the Tesla back to the shop. He seemed to really like it, but basically drove like a grandpa the whole way back.

Jessica said they were going to try and collect students in the cafeteria after lunch to squash more bugs, but that didn’t happen. I had already gone back, so I ended up sticking around to help Jacob with some broken devices. I basically ended the day there, but went back to the shop to charge my laptop before the real testing would start the next day.

I chatted with Zach and Gary for a bit outside before heading to my parents’ house. Summer wouldn’t be back from work until late, and the girls had a pep band event until late in the evening, so I finished up some leftovers with my parents. We chatted for a bit, and I eventually made it home.

I still had Sheri’s laptop apart, so I put it back together so I could return it, and then headed up to Summer’s for the evening. She talked about her day while she ate, and then we went to bed early.

Shuffle time!

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