The junior high started actual testing this morning, and of course it was a cluster just as it always is. Instead of holding students accountable for bringing charged devices to school, they just sent any kid with any inkling of a problem to the library. It wasn’t as many kids as yesterday, but it was still a lot, just sitting around and socializing instead of doing their tests. Josh was there with me to help Jacob, but we weren’t needed for very long. I stopped by Dwight on my way back to the office, but that was a short visit.

It was quiet in the office until we left for lunch. I was thinking Arby’s, but I was mildly disappointed by the spicy roast beef. It was a quick lunch, so we made it back to the office a little bit early.

I decided to take care of the road sign, but I had to run to the high school to borrow Jacob’s Allen wrench. Then I walked around the building with an eight foot ladder and called tech support from the top of it. Swapping panels for troubleshooting was relatively easy, and we’ll have a replacement part on the way.

After work, I went by Oakland to give Sheri her laptop back. She paid me double what we agreed, but I didn’t notice until after she wandered off on a phone call. I took Stephen for a quick ride down the road, and he was super excited for that. Then I continued home to start some laundry.

Eventually I made it up to Summer’s for the evening, but everyone was in their rooms. I finished up a bit slower than I wanted, but made it to bed at a reasonable time.


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