Gary sent me to the junior high first thing today to help Jacob with some pre-test-testing. I hadn’t realized that this was one of the testing platforms that would be affected by GoGuardian, so I had to push a Group Policy update at the last minute, and then of course we had loads of students that didn’t have software installed, or hadn’t received the policy update yet. It was nice to get to chill out in the library, but it also reminded me of all the things I didn’t like about being over there.

I made it back to the shop just in time to pick up half of the crew that was going to La Chiquita for lunch. I parked next to a Plaid Model X, which is a car that always surprises me by how small and short it is for an SUV. After lunch, I made it over to Dwight for a bit, and then took Ian for a ride around the block. Then I mostly hid out for the rest of the afternoon.

Karen sent out the CPPC Minutes, and I received a few comments about how boring they were in comparison. Maybe next month’s superintendent will appreciate having a personality, but for now I guess I’ll either lay low or move along.

I had to get Eaddie from her private lessons after work. She also had a meeting in the evening about her PSAT score, so I took her home to eat before we picked up Summer at Superfast to go to the high school. They’re offering multiple opportunities for tutoring so she will have the best chance of earning a National Merit Scholarship.

Once the meeting was over and I dropped the girls off at their car, I went to the car wash to clean mine. Then I took the long way home to dry it off before parking and taking the Montego up to the girls. They were mostly wound down, and I never once saw Autumn out of her room. I just did my best to get to bed on time.

I seriously cannot possibly care any more.

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