If You Can’t Get Out of It, Get Into It!

The girls were sleeping peacefully this morning, so I let them sleep in as late as they could. I picked them up in time to make it to Little Rock, and the Model 3 did much better with navigation on autopilot during the day. I was hopeful that there might have been improvements overall, but the evening drive home proved otherwise. It seemed the daylight made all the difference.

Avatar: The Way of Water was great in IMAX 3D, and was fortunately loud enough to drown out the nonsense in the crowd of people around us. Some idiot came to sit next to Eaddie, and then left a colossal mess behind when he left. I was a bit surprised to see so many people there, but I guess Avatar has been a success.

After nearly four hours, we made our way out and across town to Star of India for dinner. They wouldn’t be open for about an hour, so we went around the block to Michaels, and then Office Depot for lack of a better option. The parking lot creeped me out a bit, with all of the mental illness creeping around. We made it out without incident though, and made it to dinner.

The trip home was more stressful than it should have been. I don’t know what all the traffic was for, but there were idiots everywhere. Fortunately, we made it home without too much trouble. I dropped the girls off before swapping vehicles, and then met Summer at Shell to get some discount gas.

Everyone was off to bed pretty quickly once we got home. I had been up for much longer than the girls, so I was pretty tired myself.

The sea gives, and the sea takes.

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