But Now We’re Stressed Out

I had some wild dreams last night, ranging from Josh coming back, to literally falling over dead out of my office chair. We had our morning meeting with an assortment of some other cake donuts this time, and then we were told of our temporary assignments for covering the junior high until our new hire starts. It was still ambiguous at the time about whether it was public knowledge that Ryan was coming back, but at least some of us know he’ll be back the first Monday in February.

I was sent to the junior high for the whole day, and would be alternating with Greg on Fridays until Ryan returns and we’re all restructured. I never made it to Dwight yesterday though, so I wanted to stop by on the way across town to wrap up a couple things. They were also bothering Greg about their intercoms, but that turned out to be a weird, easy fix.

The junior high was pretty chill, but was primarily student device repairs. It seemed to be very, very dysfunctional, and there was clearly no accountability with the students. I troubleshot what was in the library, but never spent any time in the office. Ronda was there by herself, aside from all the random foot traffic, so it was nice to catch up with her again.

Zach and Greg went to lunch a little early, and I met them at IHOP for a surprisingly quick lunch. It wasn’t cheap, but it was also a ton of food. It was there that I learned that at least Greg knew Ryan was coming back, but I don’t know if they’ve discussed a restructure with him yet. I presume not, and Gary’s out all next week.

I finished up the day at the junior high, taking a break to avoid a tornado drill. Instead of sticking around for that, I ran to Sonic for a couple drinks, and then finished the day closing out some classroom tickets. At the end of the day, I went back to the shop to clean up. As everyone else filtered out, I dropped by Thomas’s office to talk about my own headspace.

We had a good talk, and I got him to tell me that he’d like for me to stay, which was more than I could get from anyone else. In fact, everyone else told me that he’d never say it, so I felt pretty good about it. I hated getting so sappy about it, but I had clearly been stressing all night over it. Clarksville would be a great raise, but I just wasn’t sure it was worth the cost.

I went home for quite a while until Summer got home late. Then we tried and failed to get discount gas before going to Brangus for dinner. We ate and paid too much, and then went back for gas before making our way home. The girls had All-Region Clinic until late, but they got home a little while after we did. Then it was off to bed.

When our momma sang us to sleep, but now we’re stressed out.

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