Iced In

We were told not to report to work today, so I didn’t have to stress about burning a day of leave. Summer had meetings online for most of the day, so Eaddie came into the bedroom and we powered right through the second season of Breaking Bad. I got out long enough to make a couple bacon, egg, and cheese bagels for Eaddie and myself, but otherwise nobody but Summer got up to much.

Autumn went a bit stir crazy and came out long enough to aggravate Summer, but none of us were sympathetic after hearing the yelling through the door. Summer didn’t let her leave to see her boyfriend, so she just holed up in her room all day.

Eaddie did a bit of last-minute homework as everyone else got ready for bed. Surrounding schools were a mix of open and closed, so we all waited with baited breath to see what would happen.


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