I woke up to the news that school would be in session today. I don’t think we really got any new precipitation overnight. Right after I got to work, Gary came into my office and questioned me about imaging troubles at the high school, so I messed with that for the entire day. I forgot my backpack with my laptop at Summer’s house, so she brought it by for me and I tested imaging over the network as well as with a flash drive without too much trouble.

Lunch time showed up pretty quickly and we went to Brangus. Thomas said something about a student needing help with a device for use offsite, so as soon as we got back to the shop, I left for the high school to meet up with Jacob. The device issue was easily resolved, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out his imaging issues there. It ended up being an issue with old devices getting disabled, so they couldn’t rejoin the network properly during imaging. Another easy fix.

The junior high was supposed to be testing our new chat support system at the end of the day, but quitting time showed up first and I had to drive back to the shop for my leftovers before going home. I didn’t do a whole lot there, but just tried to keep warm until Summer got home from work.

When I finally left for the evening, I sensed a flat tire, so I turned around and went back home to inspect it. Both front tires were low, but the front passenger tire was down to about 10 PSI. The driver side was down to about 20, and the rear passenger was down a bit as well. I topped them all off, tripping a breaker in the process, and then forgot to plug my Model 3 back in before I left the house again. Fortunately it shouldn’t lose much charge being parked overnight.

Summer was watching loud baking shows when I got to her house, so I went to the bedroom for some quiet until the girls got home from helping with some band thing at the middle school. Then Eaddie got frustrated trying to find her math study guide and had me edit out the answers from a copy she had online. Once that was done, she came back out and spied my blog entry, and I gave her a quick tour of my website.

Maybe we’ve got a second fan of the site!

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