I woke the girls up late today, so I was pretty sure neither of them bathed. Eaddie might have the night before, but Autumn definitely looked like she’d slept on a park bench. I dropped them off in the rain, and then went home to hang out in the cold. It had stormed all night, and I sort of let that set my mood for the day. My biggest claim to fame was calling Optimum to lower Summer’s internet bill by more than half. The call itself was probably the most pleasant call I’ve ever had with a cable provider.

Eventually I had to get the girls from school, so I took the three boxes of textbooks with me and had Eaddie ask Ethan to let me in. I dropped off the books, we swapped cars, and then headed home. Eaddie and I started watching Breaking Bad, and Summer made it home in the middle of that.

Autumn left for her father’s, and I ended up leaving to go to my parents’ house for dinner. Uncle Rick was in town for the Hamfest, so we visited for a bit and ate curry. Afterward I took him for a ride in the Model 3, and eventually convinced him to drive it a few blocks home.

Julie ordered an Xbox for me with a Verizon half-off code, and it had arrived already. I took it home, and then went back up to Summer’s for the evening. Eaddie ended up going to Maristella’s to spend the night, and Summer was already in bed. She had Quiz Bowl in the morning, so I was content to call it an early night.

The whole point of those pages is to show off my personality, which should be considered an asset.

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