Mountain Mutt

I thought I was taking Eaddie to school this morning, but Summer snuck out with her instead and left me to sleep. I still didn’t sleep in too late, and got home to take a shower before Dad came over to take me up Petit Jean. Uncle Rick and Ginny were up there in the RV, and Dad wanted to visit and tinker with a radio. Uncle Rick warmed up some hot dogs over a fire and we took a break to eat, and then I wandered around the area with their little dog.

We had to get back down the mountain before too late, because the girls had been chomping at the bit to go to CiCi’s for Pi Day. As soon as I got back in to town, Summer had me pick up Eaddie from her band buddies meet at the middle school. Then we stopped by Superfast until Summer was ready to go, and the three of us met Autumn for pizza.

After we ate, I went home to clean up a little bit before making my way up to the girls. I got a couple pictures of the Montego so we could possibly sell it. Autumn finished mowing the lawn, and Summer was painting by number on the couch while watching Galaxy Quest. I watched an episode of After Life when that was done, and then everyone was off to bed.

It’s a little nice for a beater.

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