Summer took the girls to school this morning, so I just went home after stopping by Tropical Smoothie for a free birthday smoothie. From there, I didn’t even sit down before breaking right into my power outlets. I started pulling outlets one-by-one to see how the lines ran through the walls and attic. Dad eventually made it over to help, and we ended up drilling out a part of the cabinet in the spare bedroom so we could pull the outlet that had been buried behind it.

The grounding issue appeared to be all the way back at the panel, but after tinkering long enough, we at least got my two bad outlets working again. We just left the cabinet outlet out, and wire-nutted the cables instead. We even got the three-way light switch working correctly after having never worked for as long as they’ve owned the house.

We got things working again just as it was time for me to get Autumn from school. I ran her home after waiting patiently for a train to pass. Then I continued putting outlet covers back together until Eaddie called for a ride home. Dad had left his phone, so I had Mom come to get it on her way home from work. He ended up coming back anyway, so we saw them in passing. Then once the outlets were all back together, Eaddie and I headed up to their house.

Autumn went out to mow the back yard, and Summer made it home shortly after we arrived. I was completely beat from being up and down all day. I made some spaghetti for dinner, and then Summer and I watched a Taylor Tomlinson special on Netflix before she went to bed. Autumn came out in the middle of that and begged for permission to drive again, and we decided her recent good behavior was probably about the best we could get. Once Summer was in bed, I finally took my shower for the day and made it to bed as quickly as I could.

Let’s get our shit together.

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