Who’s in Charge Here?

Kim texted super early this morning that she would be out sick. That would have given me a chance to really dig in and catch up, but I’m pretty sure people were just waiting for me to return to come and harass me. Things were reasonably quiet apart from just running all day, until Josh came into my office to ask if I was in charge of keeping up with Kim’s time. That prompted me to ask a stunned-looking assistant superintendent, and ultimately send a lengthy email to the super.

I signed up for vision insurance in the afternoon, and when quitting time arrived, I headed to the old house to feed the fish. I called Rockline back just to follow up after our last chat before the conference, and then went home to pick up Eaddie so we could go to Cici’s for dinner.

We had a pretty good chat over dinner, and then headed home to wait for Summer. I did a load of laundry and cleaned up a couple of the older loudspeakers I had rescued from the dumpster years ago. I ended up stacking them in the little office nook, which is humorous due to their size in such a tiny room. The girls wound down pretty early, so I paid some bills and eventually made it to bed.

Soooo…. No org chart…?

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