Corn Dogs with Catch Up

I ran a little early this morning and made some coffee at work. Kim walked in a little late, but said she had been there talking to Toby, so who was I to argue? We spent a while chatting and catching up on work, the conference, and everything else. I didn’t get to focus on any big stuff, but I got her wrangled into closing some old work orders while I went to the elementary building to round up the spare Chromebook cart we had stuck in the closet there. I wish I could remember what I was planning to do, but inventory down there has been so scattered anyway.

I went to the old house after work and charged for a little bit while I fed the fish and took a little break. Then I went to Taco John’s for some dinner before heading home. The girls would be out late, so I just ate by myself and then started cleaning up in the living room. I plotted out the new couch setup, and I think it will be really nice in that space. In fact, I don’t think the 15-foot one we originally liked would have fit quite as well. It wouldn’t have been bad, but it just wouldn’t have allowed as much room to walk around it. Either couch makes the room feel small.

Slow your rolling tool chest.

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