I got out of the house quite early this morning, so I went to Hardee’s for a chicken biscuit. I get really frustrated when I’m asked if I want to tip at fast food establishments, because they just handed my food over the counter. The Nashville Hot Chicken Biscuit was okay though.

I tried to focus on Jamf when I got to work, but that made me sleepy. Then other less important things kept drawing focus, and we ended the afternoon with about 15 minutes of network downtime where I couldn’t even talk to my own switches. I don’t know what happened.

While I was driving home, I got a call from the Rockline recruiter to say they were pursuing their other candidate, which suited me fine. I went to the old house to get my old pot holders and feed the fish, and then I ran by Harbor Freight to ask about ordering a tool chest before finally going home to Summer, who had spent the evening cooking a nice dinner.

After we ate, I had her help me shove everything to one side of the living room, and I spent the next five hours shampooing carpets again. The water kept coming up black until the very end, but I kind of figure we’ll do it again after hosting for the holidays anyway. Or maybe I’ll give up on this house and move onto my fantasy sailboat. I could use a change of scenery.

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