Pump up the Jamf

Today was pretty mild. I made it to work and jumped right into Jamf to finish nit-picking the settings and get my iPads deployed for the special education folks. Kim left me for a while, so it was quiet until it got loud for lunch. I was pretty sleepy, but not bad for being up cleaning carpets for as late as I was.

Once I made it back to town, I fed the fish and headed home. Summer was in the bath, so I made a burrito to try and clean up the crap she’d accumulated in the refrigerator for the past few weeks. Eaddie got home just as I finished up, and ate some other leftovers. Then we went out on the porch to talk while the neighbor’s dog barked loudly at us.

Summer came out to join us for a bit, and then Eaddie left for a Tech band concert. Summer went to bed, and I wrapped up early.

Tomorrow, we sit.

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