Sofa’d Up

Today was a total drag. I spent all day in Jamf again, but not feeling like I was making any real progress. I just tediously poked through settings and tested different configurations as time flew by in the morning, and then slowed to a crawl in the afternoon. The cafeteria had tons of extra milk and pudding, so I brought home a whole milk crate and a box with pudding cups.

Summer went home early with a headache, so she was there to receive the new couch. I hated virtually everything about it. The color was way more blue than it appeared in the picture. The texture was like cheap fleece imitating a wool texture. The filling was inside of a crunchy bag that would hopefully soften up quickly. The first thing we had to do was move it about a foot, which required disassembly of the three very heavy components. Somehow it felt both cheap and expensive at the same time.

I finished up some leftovers, froze some pudding cups, and then sat on the couch until the discomfort drove me to the computer. Maybe it’s just that time of year again, but I just loathe everything. I sat in the dark for quite a while, but after Eaddie got home from bowling with some friends, the two of us went to Freddy’s to get some free cheese curds before coming back home to bed.

How dairyou.

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