Have a Seat

I slept in a bit today before having a shower and seeing Eaddie out the door to go to her father’s for the night. I eventually made it to the old house to clean off the dining table and pack up some things to take to the new house. Summer went to the gym and then met me there, and we loaded up the chairs in her car.

We got everything unloaded at the new house, but then had to get back out for some cleaner for the chairs. We went to Lowe’s first to get a replacement toilet seat for Eaddie’s bathroom. Then I decided to stop in to Tractor Supply to see if they had any interesting tool chests, but they didn’t. We went to Harbor Freight to drool over their tool chests, and got a free magnetic tool tray on the way out. Then Summer wanted to stop by the wash to print off some music for Eaddie.

We kept hearing something rolling around in the floor of the car, so I poked around and figured it was probably in the HVAC ductwork in the floor. We stopped by my house for the cleaner, and then went to my parents’ house for some shrimp noodle soup. After we ate, I convinced Summer to lay in the floorboard and try to get the offending pebble out while I took sharp turns. We finally got it out with pure acceleration, and it ended up being a lone Skittle. I was just glad it didn’t melt to the car.

We cleaned up the chairs and then wrapped up the night with some stand-up on Netflix. We found Matt Rife to be too vulgar and not at all entertaining, so we switched to Pete Holmes and had some good laughs. I kept getting drawn into my phone, so I ended up staying awake way too long, but finally made it to bed a little after one.

Blanket time!

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