Complaining only serves to annoy those around you.

Fridays are usually pretty exhausting, and today was no exception. Amanda, Gary, and I helped Allen run cable at the upper elementary building all morning. It was a warm and humid day, but still only a taste of what’s to come over the summer.
I had to take the Murano in for an oil change after lunch, which was a welcome break. Then the rest of the afternoon was just wrapping things up for the weekend.

After work, I came home to check out the work they had done to the trees in my yard. The large trees made me feel like I was further away from the city than I am. Somewhere older and closer to nature. I’d love having the open view of the sky if I could actually see the stars from here, but the city lights drown out the rest of the universe. Now it’s all just light reflecting off the haze in the distance. I guess the bright side is that I’ll have plenty of firewood if I ever convince anyone to come over long enough to burn it. I always thought s’mores would be a better incentive than they’ve proven to be.

The cardinals seem to be doing well this spring. A bright red couple has just finished building a nest on my aunt’s back porch, and today was the first day we got an egg. This should be lots of fun to watch over the next few weeks. I miss having a bird around.

In the evening, I ended up having some computer trouble. I think I’ve narrowed it down to a driver issue, but I don’t know why anything changed in the first place. I guess I’ll keep working on it tomorrow when I have less trouble keeping my eyes open.

I’m not ready for the summer.

For the Times They Are A-Changin’

Today was a lot of fun. Jason, Amanda, and I got to go to Conway for a vendor’s open house and meet-and-greet. We got to check out their new facility and demo a bunch of display tech, but most importantly they grilled lunch. For a decent sized event, they didn’t have any music going outside, so I did them the courtesy of scanning for devices I could commandeer, and whipped out some Feelin Good in the ’90s jams.

After lunch, we headed back to the shop to work out the rest of the day, and Zach and I got into another one of our trademarked religiosity talks where he tries to convince me that I should have a backup plan, and I try to explain to him that being dead is just like not having been born yet. I was reminded of The Egg by Andy Weir. I felt like it was a feel-good short story about how we’re all connected, even though we may not know it, or understand why. It made me think about how it would be nice just to be the good we want to see in the whole world rather than worry about who has the better origin story.

After work, I headed home to wind down. At one point, I heard my aunt talking to someone outside. She’s been trying to cut down the trees in my yard, which I hate because I love the tall trees in the neighborhood. She’s so worried that they’ll fall onto the house in a storm, but methinks the oak knows better, and it would be such a shame to stunt my maple brother in the front. We compromised at $700 to fell a sweet gum tree in the back yard, and trim three more. Roll with the punches.

In the evening, I took some time to resurrect the Legacy Galloping Cow website. It’s nice to have a home for it again, even if it is without any real purpose.

But what does it all matter if I’m just going to be reincarnated as Zach in the next life anyway?

Stop trying to make today happen. It’s not going to happen. 

This morning was a rough, pull-start kind of day. I had some pretty weird, vivid dreams last night. I normally don’t remember dreaming much.
Work was super slow, and I’m tired of reading about low level computer hardware.

After work, my parents and I went out to Ruby Tuesday for the franchise’s 45th anniversary where we got 45% off the food, bringing it down closer to the actual value of the food you can order there. We ran into Suzanne and Nicole outside, which was nice. I hadn’t heard from Suzanne since like December, which was super weird. Then we saw Jasmine working inside.

On the ride home, I caught the hint of the first honeysuckle of the season. My favorite.

That is so fetch.

The Existential Review: Year 1

Studying for the CompTIA A+ exam has really made me rethink my career choice. I love my job, but I cannot imagine a future in which I have a real need to know how many pins are on all of these different CPU sockets, or what a Land Grid Array is and how it differs from the Pin Grid Array. I don’t need to know exactly how long a USB 3.1 cable is rated for because they are already terminated when I buy them. I felt a bit like Tyler Durden during his speech about knowing what a duvet is. Is this essential for my survival? Studying for this exam has brought me back in time to when I was at university trying to earn a degree in computer science. It has filled my heart with the same burden of dissatisfaction and regret, and I want to cry.

My boss Ben was as encouraging as he could be when I said all of this during my first annual review, which is one of the reasons I love working for him. He’s always super approachable, and he’s just generally a great human. He will be the last to die when my race descends upon this planet and scorches the ground with our heat rays. Because it’s my blog, and if I want to be an alien from another planet, I can be. And so it goes.

After work, I spent some time in the garden with my aunt next door and saved this little mapley guy.

He is one of many from the fruit of the tree that my father started mowing around when I was born. Though I may not be productive in this life, may my tree and its descendents provide shade for others, forevermore.

Afterward, I met Jesica for a trip to Freddo’s Frozen Treats, where I’m pretty sure I was robbed by a girl behind the counter. I cannot condone whatever is happening in this establishment, delicious as their treats may be.

Some day, I’m gonna be big and tall like my dad…

Back to the Pebble

Over the weekend, the first-gen Moto 360 smartwatch I’ve been using had all but given up the ghost. The battery was just too weak to go on, so I brought my old Pebble that Shain got me for Christmas back out of retirement. It was probably the best gift I’ve ever received in my life, and it’s still kicking. It really makes me sad that Pebble crashed so hard as a company.

Jesica said she was sick today, and mentioned she had never had a pizza delivered before, so after work I went by Domino’s to get some food. Not wanting her to miss out on the delivery experience, I donned an old Domino’s hat and jacket when I brought it to her apartment. Then she watched wrestling. The WWE kind. On her phone. Not ironically.

The mind reels.

You can’t see me, my time is now.

Another One Bites the Dust

I finally beat my game of FTL this afternoon, so I guess in that respect this weekend was/n’t a complete waste.

This evening, Julie took us all out to eat at La Villa for Mom’s birthday tomorrow. I’m never super impressed by that place, but it’s what they wanted. Then I returned home for a quick load of laundry.

The colonists hand over the supplies and you load it onto your ship. As you jump away, you crack it open and discover nothing more than vaccinations for a local plague.

Day 11

It’s day 11 for this journal, which is a feat all its own. Entries aren’t nearly as long as they were back in the day, but they also feel less like a technical breakdown of events throughout the day, and more of a CliffsNotes of the highlights. The occasional picture really feels like it makes all the difference.

I went by Apex after work as an excuse to stay out on the bike a bit longer. Jesica came over after she got off work, and we chatted for a bit before watching the first episode of Brickleberry. I’ll take this moment to utilize Netflix’s change from a 5-star rating system to a thumbs-up/down to rate this Comedy Central show a thumbs-down without recommendation. It vaguely reminded me of the early Family Guy episodes before they just kept beating the same jokes to death. “Oh, look! We’re an adult cartoon with language!”

It made me laugh, but not in a way that I was happy about it.

Brickleberry: 2/5
Brickleberry with rice: 3/5

Snappy Birthday, Tim!

Hope invited me to a birthday dinner she was throwing for Tim at the Dardanelle Club tonight. It was nice to see a proper birthday celebration for once. I don’t even remember the last birthday event I went to that wasn’t just family. They’re a fun, rambunctious crowd. It was nice to get out.

When we left, Tim was feeling blurry-brave enough to walk out with a water pitcher. One of the waitresses promptly followed the group out to retrieve it, but she brought along a couple styrofoam cups for him to take with him. At least he’s staying hydrated.

Here’s to making good decisions, Tim. We’ll see ya next time around.