Gettin Spacey

I grabbed a Groupon for a year family membership to the Adler Planetarium, which got us all in for under 80 bucks. We ended up having to park at the stadium parking garage for an extra $25, and it was a pretty long, hot, and humid walk. I’m not sure why the planetarium parking was blocked off, but it was super annoying to see so many empty spaces there. We did, however, get to peek on some pretty expensive boats on the lake, and even saw a Tesla Model X in the parking lot there.

The girls seemed to really enjoy the couple shows we got to watch once we got into the planetarium. One was of the Chicago night sky, and then another was called Planet 9 about the search for Pluto’s replacement as the solar system’s ninth planet. Even better, they seemed to really enjoy the rest of the museum, but we had to leave in order to make it back to dinner with Beth and Bryan at Giordano’s.

The pizza was pretty good, but we ordered about three times more food than what we needed, so it was a chore to get the leftovers to fit into the mini fridge back at the hotel. We stopped at a huge Goodwill on the way back, and the girls picked up some clothes. They had a reel mower that looked to be new in box, but may have been missing some parts. I couldn’t tell, but for 40 bucks, it would have been a great deal if I wanted to start mowing someday. Still on the fence there.

Mom’s a bed hog.

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