Life Aquatic

I had a rough start this morning, but it worked itself out in the end. Summer was worried about poor weather, so we skipped going to Clarksville and went to the Russellville Aquatic Center instead. I was still coming out of my local anxiety, so I told them to go separately and met up with them a short bit later. When I got there, I didn’t realize she had already paid my way, and ended up paying separately. We couldn’t get a refund, but after a bit of rigmarole, we were able to spend the credit on concessions that weren’t obscenely overpriced.

It was an interesting place, but it’s hard to understand how Clarksville can have such a better one. There was a floating obstacle course the kids got to take turns running, but otherwise it wasn’t much more than a couple of indoor pools. It’s not surprising to see they’re having trouble keeping the lights on.

After the swim, I went to my parents’ house to take a look at their home theater receiver and TV. So far it seems like they have a couple bad HDMI ports from a surge or something, but I’ll have to mess around with it a bit more before I know for sure.

From there, I picked up some things from work, then made it up to Summer’s for dinner. She grilled some big, thick burgers, squash, and zucchini that all turned out great. We finished with the Game of Life, then settled in for an episode of Stranger Things before everyone was pretty well tuckered out for bed.

This is annoying.

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