While Summer woke up early this morning to go to her 5K event at the high school, Eaddie and I slept in until nearly noon. When she got back, I got up and had a shower. She and Eaddie went to pick Autumn up, then I met up with them at their house for a late lunch.

The girls were going to spend most of the evening with their father, so Summer and I met up with Ronda and Steven at Fat Daddy’s for dinner and drinks. After that, Summer and I went to Davis Pet Store to pick up some feeder goldfish and mealworms for the turtles. Back at home, I had lost internet due to an outage in the area.

When the girls got back from the tailgate event at the high school, we watched Split. Those that weren’t too terrified fell asleep on the couch. Summer, though trembling from broken nerves, said she thought it was a good movie. I’m just excited for a different kind of hero movie.

The broken are the more evolved.

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