Fifty Dollars an Hour

I’ve been having so much trouble getting out of bed all week. I really think it’s just the time of the year, the temperature, and the daylight hours, because I always get this way coming out of summer.

Allen and I were supposed to meet at Long John Silver’s for lunch, but he ended up ditching me because he couldn’t communicate effectively. I decided to try McDonald’s for another dollar burger, but then Ronda messaged me and said she had a soft taco left over for me. I went ahead and got the Big Mac, then went to the junior high to eat everything.

I wanted to get back to Oakland for a bit, but I got busy fighting with their sign computer at the shop until quitting time. From there, I went straight home to get the gas lawn mower to make an exchange at Walmart.¬†For some reason I thought it might be best to park by the garden center, but I ended up having to walk all the way back to the service desk. It took another couple trips across the store and some explaining to a manager, but he ultimately agreed to give me an additional $50 discount to the already low negotiated price bringing my total to $200 for both mowers. It wasn’t an awful way to spend an hour, but now that I’ve mastered the art of negotiation, I want to see if McDonald’s will sell me a Big Mac for 75 cents.

Just as I got packed up and climbed into the car, Julie said she was on her way to Pasta Grill for Dad’s birthday dinner. I pulled up just as my parents did, and Julie came along a bit after we were seated. We were sat right by a large table full of some Asurion folks, and Ben waved to me as we left. Most of the rest of them can go to the hot place. The jambalaya pasta was amazing.

When I got back home, I started a load of laundry and then headed to Summer’s with my leftovers. I couldn’t stay long though, because folding socks is another thing my smart house won’t do.

That cow is staring right at me!

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