Moment of Focus

I stopped by Oakland to wrap up a couple things before heading to the junior high to get the chicken biscuit that Summer got me. Once there, I spent a little time running around, then found myself intensely focused on some System Center stuff. I started digging around in Ryan’s OS deployment task sequence to see how it ticked, and I was actually having fun.

During one of my trips out of my office and across the building, one of the SpEd kids had gotten loose and was tearing down the halls with all kinds of people chasing after him. I wasn’t sure what my place in all of this was, which only got worse when I turned a corner and found him running straight toward me. I nearly tackled him, but Joe got to him first with his tallman legs.

When I finally got out for a late lunch, I went to Wendy’s for a dollar Double Stack with a free order of Baconator fries. I’m killin it with cheap lunches lately. I just took it with me to the shop and continued working on things there until the end of the day.

It started to storm really hard right before quitting time, so I hung out a bit late finishing some stuff, then went to Summer’s for dinner. She made some slow cooker ribs, and we tried watching something educational instead of the Vine compilations the kids kept wanting to watch. I’m sure my parents thought I was rotting my brain doing the things I did as a kid, but these days I feel like the memes have reached critical mass, and kids are just completely ignorant. It’s always the same 5-second videos over and over again, and they’ve nothing to learn from it.

Back home, I finished sorting socks and worked on a computer for a while longer before heading to bed. These mornings are killing me.

What have you done?

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