I spent all morning at Oakland trying to make use of myself while waiting for something to break during testing. I had two laptops that I failed to recognize were too far out of date to receive software updates, but otherwise everything went perfectly. When lunch time came around, I ran to KFC to get some coleslaw for Ryan’s goodbye potluck.

After we ate, I ran back to Oakland to make sure afternoon testing got off to a good start, then spent the rest of the afternoon at the junior high trying to catch up. I’ve got to get these work orders closed for the audit that’s coming, and I just hope I have enough materials to hide all the wires. It’s such a pain to come along and clean this up when it really should have been done cleanly in the first place.

Josh wanted to play some video games at 7 with Johnny and me, so I went straight home after work and started some laundry to finish by the time they got on. Summer stopped by for just a minute while I was in the laundry room and scared the water out of me. Then Josh was late getting on, so Johnny and I played someĀ Overwatch first, and then Johnny left, so Josh and I played someĀ Rocket League until bedtime.

I want your laptop, but leave all your hacker stuff on it.

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