Cascading Closures

I got on a bit of a roll today in spite of testing taking up a good portion of my morning. I felt a little lost, but just kept pushing through closing work orders, and finally got to close a few that were stacked with multiple requests. I finally feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I grabbed lunch on the way between campuses and got cheese sticks and a drink from Sonic, then a salad and chili at Wendy’s, all for around four bucks.

Once I wrapped up at work, Autumn came to find me and we went back to my house so I could tend to the fish and fill the bike up with gas before taking her home. Summer made her pork chops again, and doubled up on carbs to make up for the last time. Everyone seemed to really like it, which is rare with the kids. Then we played a game of Uno before I headed home for the night.

Now if only I could get to a zero-inbox.

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