This is Hallowhat?

Team day was easy this Friday. I spent all morning updating Chromebooks with Amanda, which was mostly us sitting and watching progress bars. We went to Western Sizzlin for lunch where I had a relatively bad country fried steak, then spent the afternoon hunting down a network line at the middle school because Allen terminated the wrong one and left the correct one in the ceiling in a different room. We got to leave work 45 minutes early though because there was a homecoming parade after school. I headed home and started parsing through a mixed bag of files on my media server because qBittorrent is terrible and doesn’t seem to be made to seed things long term.

Summer came over after the girls went out to eat with their father, and we ended up going to Wendy’s for a quick dinner. We ran into Josue there, who had been out messing around on the Birds with some friends. When we finished there, we headed back to my house to receive the girls, and we started watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. I had never seen it, but everyone was too tired to really enjoy it properly, so I switched over to Black Panther for a little while before everyone started falling asleep. I stayed up and played a few rounds of Overwatch with the guys before heading to bed myself.

Wakanda movie is this?

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