No, G like Zebra.

We woke up surprisingly early today for not having any early arrangements. The girls went home to clean up while I did the same here, and then I picked them up to go to La Huerta for a smallish lunch. We ended up splitting some fajitas three ways because Autumn can’t eat any food with more than two ingredients. I still ended up eating too much somehow.

The weather was nice and Eaddie wanted to go to the park for a bit before meeting up with my family, so we went to my house to get a frisbee, and I also dug out my old Foxtail to throw around. We ended up at Oakland since it was just on the way to my parents’ house anyway, and played until my parents texted that Uncle Giao had just showed up. They brought both kids along, and they ended up playing with the girls a little while we were there.

Eaddie and I had to run across town to get some guacamole that we didn’t end up eating, and we picked up Bác Vân to bring her along as well. We ate and visited for a little bit, but I got super tired and lethargic. Summer took Autumn to her parents’ house to stay the night, and eventually we headed back home for the evening. Eaddie really wanted to start the old Superman movie, but we didn’t get very far. I haven’t seen those movies in years though, so it’ll be nice to revisit.

Here’s to a long night’s sleep.

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