Now Serving Number Two

I didn’t spend much time at the junior high today because I had my wellness exam first thing. I didn’t wait terribly long to get in, but I had to fill out new patient paperwork even though I’ve basically seen the same doctor my entire life. Then I ended up having to wait a while for the nurse practitioner to get to my room. After that elongated conversation about wearing seat belts and hospice care, I had to wait probably another 45 minutes to have another nurse take my blood. I never thought I’d actually say that I preferred my old doctor.

After that was finally over, I headed home to meet FedEx for a delivery. Then Ben said everyone was going to Popeye’s for Ryan’s last day, so I picked a load of people up at the shop and went to lunch. When we got back, I helped Gary and Zach set up some giant new UPS batteries in the server room which took until school was out. I didn’t want to fight traffic, so I hung out in the shop until I could get in to Oakland and finished up a bunch of work orders there.

When I finally left work, I went home for several hours, paid some bills, played someĀ Overwatch, and eventually headed up to Summer’s for the evening.

Wind it down.

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