Putting in the Hours

I took the bike in to work today because it was supposed to be nice. I never really got to spend any time on it though. I started at Oakland to close out what work I had there, then spent the rest of the day at the junior high.

I was on enough of a roll that I just worked straight through lunch on my Soylent, and even ended up working a little over an hour late on top of that. I got a ton of stuff done, and I was pretty happy with moving all of that stuff around.

When I left, I had to run home to grab a helmet before picking Eaddie up at karate. She was super excited to ride, but it had already started to cool off a lot, so we just went back to my house and watched Arrow over some of the best popcorn I’ve ever made.

Eventually we made it back to their house for the evening and I was able to load Overwatch for a quick game before bed. Our regularly scheduled meeting has been cancelled for tomorrow morning, so I should be able to clean up a bunch more of my work at last.

Sinus attack!

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