Phoning in the Productivity

We didn’t have a meeting today, so I spent a large part of the day doing the telephone shuffle. I got two done at Oakland before lunch and got to snack on a goodie table the teachers made for the classified staff. Then Jason and Allen wanted to go to Arby’s for lunch, so I picked them up to go there. Afterward I spent the afternoon at the junior high replacing a couple other phones and cleaning up a few other stray work orders that had come in throughout the day.

After work, I headed home to wait for Josh to come over with a laptop he wanted me to diagnose. It was actually a pretty nice one that his aunt or cousin had, but didn’t want to pay to repair, so they gave it to him. It seemed to only to need a hard drive, but it required an M.2 format that neither of us had to test, so I booted it to a flash drive and then performed on board diagnostics, then ordered the best deal on an SSD that I could find.

From there we headed to CiCi’s for dinner. The girls beat us there and were just leaving as we were walking in. Summer went to work out while Josh and I ate, and then I picked the girls up on the way back home. Summer met us there, and we watched The Martian until bed.

I’m going to have to science the shit out of this.

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