Network of Cards

It’s a little terrifying watching Jason and Brice mess with SCCM. I’m kind of just sitting back and hoping for the best. Hearing them talk about it doesn’t inspire the same kind of confidence I get from Gary, but I guess that’s just a whole different level.

I spent most of the day at the junior high getting things done. I took a slightly early lunch with Summer since she had the afternoon off for some training. While we were at Wendy’s, Matt called her griping her out for not doing something that she definitely did. She fussed over it, and how she had covered her bases with Joe, so loudly that the lady behind us came up and said she didn’t know who Joe was, but even she was aggravated at him.

I spent the rest of the school day at the junior high before ending my day at Oakland. I finished up a few things a bit late, then went home to change before heading to Summer’s. Nick was going to pick the girls up from karate to bring them home, so I stopped by Little Caesar’s to grab a pizza for Summer and myself. We polished that off, then binged The Office until bedtime.

Only one season remains.

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