Miranda, the Hacker

The veterans day assembly was this morning, so we didn’t have a meeting. I wonder when the rest of us will get an assembly for getting real jobs out of high school. Without any other group projects planned, I spent my time imaging a laptop for Sheri so I could set up a docking station for her before lunch.

Kevin called me before I got out of the shop and said they thought Matt’s account had been compromised. I told him to just reset his password, and we could investigate afterward. Not even five minutes had passed before they called Heather for help. After almost no research, I found out that Matt had used a Google Form last year for computer lab issues, and though he stopped pushing it on the staff, someone else had bookmarked it and used it. This created an email from him to Miranda that she responded to, making him think someone had emailed her from his account. Somehow he felt it more likely that he was hacked than for someone to use his form again.

Crisis averted, I headed to Oakland to set up the docking station, and then met back at the shop to take a load of people to Buffalo Wild Wings. Afterward, I went back to Oakland and finished some work orders. Before I left, Sheri told me she needed help finding her circle. I had no idea what she meant until she pointed at the Start button on her old Windows 7 laptop. I got her pointed in the right direction, and taught her some two-finger gestures to use, then headed back to the shop for the end of the day.

We got to leave work 30 minutes early for the parade I wasn’t going to, so I went home and played several losing rounds of Rocket League before going to Summer’s for the evening. I grabbed some light Taco Bell on the way, and then went to bed relatively early.

Freeto Breeto

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