What imperative does a grey box have to interact with another grey box?

Summer got up and took Autumn to an eye appointment this morning. I slept in a little while, then got up and moved her new TV cabinet into place and hooked everything up. Her TV didn’t fit in the cabinet, so it had to sit way up high on top of it. She made breakfast when she got back, but had to go help her mother because her car wouldn’t start.

After she got back and ate, I headed home to clean up and waited for her to come over. I played a little more Rocket League and had a shower. Once the girls’ father picked them up, she came over and we went out to New China for dinner. When we got back home, we watched an episode of Black Mirror, followed by Ex Machina. Both were pretty trippy, but I’m not sure they had quite the suspense we were looking for.

Actually that’s someone else’s quote.

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