Cleanup for Company

I got up this morning and continued working on chores all day. By the time I got to a good stopping place, I was late getting to Summer’s. Autumn had her boyfriend, Adrian over for dinner, and I don’t think I’d ever seen her room, the bathroom, or the rest of the visible house so spotless before. Summer had me sit in on her hand of Uno so she could start dinner.

The kids all gave up, since they were barely paying attention to the game anyway. Then we had a chicken alfredo with weird vegetable pasta. It wasn’t bad I guess, if we’re making healthier choices. Autumn had to go to her grandmother’s house for the evening so she could help with something the next day, so Summer took her and Adrian to drop them off, and I took Eaddie to my house.

Eaddie started to feel a little sick again, so I made her some Swiss Miss and let her watch Arrow while I started up some more laundry. When Summer got here, she started playing Torchlight II on her laptop until I got to a point with my laundry that I could watch some TV, and we put on The Office. Eaddie passed out eventually to some Nyquil, and we called it a night.

But I don’t want to turn the alarm on again!

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